Welcome to our homepage of Hiyoshi-cho

It’s our great pleasure to introduce you to our community Hiyoshi-cho with our newly set up homepage.
Hiyoshi-cho is one of 1,714 neighborhood associations in Okayama city. Our town is located on the west side of the central part of Okayama city, it is surrounded by the Sanyo Shinkansen line on the north, the JR Sanyo line at south, Sasagase river on the west, and Kitanagase-Honmachi town on the east.

Our community is very small town that has only less than 70 houses. But there is wide rice field. So our area has clean fresh air and peaceful rural landscape in full of vivid green, especially during May to September.

It is very nice to take a walk on paths among rice paddies or a mound of Sasagase river, where we can see a nice view of the river and whole of our area. We breathe fresh air and get energy there.

Also we can see cherry blossoms along the river in spring and rice plants ripened heavily in paddies in autumn.

One of our enjoyments is cherry-blossom viewing along the river in spring. On one day of every spring, residents gather there to eat and drink seeing beautiful cherry blossoms.

We are so happy to live in such a calm and good environment.

A long time ago, large part of Okayama city was under the sea Seto-naikai(Seto inland sea).  Our place was also part of the sea.

During around 2,000 years those area was reclaimed naturally and land was formed.
Our ancestors cultivated the land and made beautiful paddies.
Many residents of our community engage in agriculture still now.
But almost of them have other jobs besides farming.

Although it looks like that we live in very rural area, we have good access to transportation; we can access trains at nearby Kitanagase station of JR Sanyo-line, and National Route 180 runs center of our town. So we can move by trains or cars very conveniently.

Please visit our place if you have interest in our town and this area.